The Stand-Off

Being creative is absolutely terrifying. No one tells you that in cliche memes, taunting us all to follow our most wild and impossible dreams. No one says that we will all at some point, be standing face to face with ourselves, wondering if we’re worth it at all. Worth the trouble, worth the time, worth the investment, worth the battle.

Let me tell you, anyone with something to say, there will be a fight. This is the suprise: It’s almost always with ourselves, because we’re the one with the key, convincing ourselves to unlock the message we know is there. Next, it’ll be everyone else. Maybe not directly. But anyone with a message has an enemy. So, the stand-off looks like convincing yourself you can put yourself out there (because you can), and the outside voices crying out that you’re wrong, defective, not talented enough, or my favorite, “Someone already does that.” (I’m an author, so this is the pervasive enemy of thought I face on the daily).

But I finally came to a point in my own journey of realizing that my message, and my unique expression of that message, is part of me. And, to the naysayers, who cares? They don’t have to answer for me at the end of my life. Only I get to do that. Only I get to determine if I lived my life fulfilled or not.

So, why not put yourself out there? Whatever it looks like.

Exercise Channel
Finger paint extraordinaire
Join a circus, for all I care (Just sayin’, The Greatest Showman made it look amaaaaazing)

Regardless of the means, no one can produce anything creatively without inserting a piece of their DNA at the source of it. You are a unique expression as a human being, and personally, I’d like to see your story, or hear it, whatever it looks like. So, go for it.

This site was my meager attempt at digging around my heart to see if there was something worth sharing. Did I ever *feel* like following through? Short answer: Heck, no. I was scared out of my mind. But I never let my worth come into question, and that’s why I pulled the trigger. I enjoy being creative, and I think I’m worth it.

You are too, by the way.

In the words of Mary Oliver, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

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