Eden-Gram #1: The Love Hypothesis

Welcome to my first book review! I’ve been waiting on a special book to begin with and Ali Hazelwood’s contemporary romance The Love Hypothesis is so incredibly worthy of my debut blog piece, I want to shout it from the rooftops. But first—what makes this book review different?  Well, a self-proclaimed Enneagram enthusiast is writingContinue reading “Eden-Gram #1: The Love Hypothesis”

Writer Community Connections

Here it is! Thanks to some wonderfully generous writers, I am compiling a database of expertise and interests from among the Twitter writing community. Everyone listed is open to DM inquires for anyone interested in learning more about a specific skill, trade, or interest. Please keep this writing related. Some Twitter users require you toContinue reading “Writer Community Connections”

How to Breathe Again

Today was a struggle and yesterday was too. It felt like the very force of life was being squeezed from me, like a cosmic hand gripped at my center until my eyes bugged out all cartoon-like and surreal. I’ve tried to fight it, to curl my tiny fingers beneath the hold and pry it offContinue reading “How to Breathe Again”

The Stand-Off

Being creative is absolutely terrifying. No one tells you that in cliche memes, taunting us all to follow our most wild and impossible dreams. No one says that we will all at some point, be standing face to face with ourselves, wondering if we’re worth it at all. Worth the trouble, worth the time, worthContinue reading “The Stand-Off”

You Are Worth It

Recently I’ve had a goal of open dialogue with my children, engaging their hearts, hungry for honest answers. Children are unfiltered in the best sort of way, depending on what they are asked. I like to ask what sorts of qualities make them unique, what they feel God is doing in our city, in ourContinue reading “You Are Worth It”

I am You.

Last week was your birthday but I tried not to think about it. I didn’t want to pause my day and think about you because I was enjoying my family. But the next day I stood in the shower beneath a steady stream of water and the thought occurred to me that I’d not letContinue reading “I am You.”

It’s Okay to Change

Recently I read a meme posted by a conservative homeschool site. It had a picture of a child scribbling happily in the background and said in sweet curly letters, “Remember: Your worst day at home is still better than their best day in school.” Homeschool mothers chimed in, grateful for the encouragement. Last year IContinue reading “It’s Okay to Change”

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