The Brick Wall

Today I see a brick wall Magnificent and cherry-red laid in layers of parallel cement lines It rises on all sides Cold and hard Towering and deep It is a house from the 1960’s with a wide porch and stately columns of white But it is not my house though I am bound  to it…

Even When

#VSS365, Prompt: EvenEven whendarkness shroudsall that I hope for,the warmth of your feetbeneath the sheetsslide to find mineat some ungodly hourand I’m reminded in the worst of timeswe still have each other


#VSS365, Prompt: LedgeMy knees dragas I crawl to the ledgePeer over into all possibilityGrab my rope, tightenmy laces but stay It’s the sameevery dayI know what I could bebut I’m too afraid of heights


VSS #365 Prompt: ChangeI once flew away—migratingnorth to southat the slightest hint of changeMy wingsgave me freedom,until I exchanged itto eat from the palm of your hand,perched in the beauty of your shadeMaybe I’ve forgotten how to be a birdbut I’ve learned to be love


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