Eden Campbell

As a child, Eden Campbell was continuously told that her father—a chronic runaway—was a writer before drugs took his life. Desperate for a shred of paternal identity, Eden picked up a pen and discovered that an active imagination carried her far from the trauma of her early-childhood. In elementary school, her poetry won state-level competitions. In sixth grade, she wrote her first 20k novel. In college, Eden wrote for and edited the school’s annual poetry anthology. Over time, the magic of real life—of marriage and having babies—caught up to her and she set the craft aside.

In 2018, she took on a freelance position with a local nonprofit that assisted in the recovery of women rescued from sex-trafficking and domestic abuse. In 2020, inspired by the discovery of a long-lost brother she contributed her first editorial piece to Severance Magazine, which explores the aftermath of family separation. She has since contributed to Thrive Global and Romper, and often discusses real-life issues such as the trauma of abandonment and grief. Her writing has been described as, “Raw yet endearing, with an emotional quality that’s both touching and memorable. Eden addresses hard topics in a way that invites the reader to understand. She bypasses clinical jargon to speak the language of the heart.”

Eden hopes that whatever she writes inspires the reader to laugh and cry, as she’s done for much of this bumpy, beautiful life journey.

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