#VSS365, Prompt: shatter Growing up is tedious—A vine smothered beneatha paved pathwayTrampledWe persistReaching through the cracks to besun-kissedand seenJust as we peekan ocean of feetStampedeand we stretch tall and surviveor shatter beneath it all


#VSS365, Prompt: Translational From the beginning,we had a translationaldilemmaYou said you loved me,I heard you’re leavingYou said trust,I heard lieYou begged me to stayso I grew wings to flyForever—you saidYou couldn’t have knownas soon as you wanted meIwasalreadygone


VSS #365 Prompt: Change I once flew away—migratingnorth to southat the slightest hint of changeMy wingsgave me freedom,until I exchanged itto eat from the palm of your hand,perched in the beauty of your shadeMaybe I’ve forgotten how to be a birdbut I’ve learned to be love