Writer Community Connections

Here it is! Thanks to some wonderfully generous writers, I am compiling a database of expertise and interests from among the Twitter writing community. Everyone listed is open to DM inquires for anyone interested in learning more about a specific skill, trade, or interest. Please keep this writing related. Some Twitter users require you toContinue reading “Writer Community Connections”

Second Chance

Jessa stood in front of her desk, scanning its surface for anything suspicious, evidence he’d been there. Of course he had. They were in a daily war: Who could rearrange something miniscule without being caught? The day before she’d removed the staples from his stapler. It felt delightfully mischievous. Once he’d inserted a single yellowContinue reading “Second Chance”

#vss365 archive

#vss365 stands for Very Short Story. It is a challenge that happens on Twitter. I love a good challenge, so I follow the prompt and wait for inspiration to hit. This is the archive. Dig Deep, Prompt: archaeological Might dabble in Archaeology, Find out why you left me,  Dig through the remains, Sift through theContinue reading “#vss365 archive”

You Are Worth It

Recently I’ve had a goal of open dialogue with my children, engaging their hearts, hungry for honest answers. Children are unfiltered in the best sort of way, depending on what they are asked. I like to ask what sorts of qualities make them unique, what they feel God is doing in our city, in ourContinue reading “You Are Worth It”