Writing Community Connections

Here it is! Thanks to some wonderfully generous writers, I am compiling a database of expertise and interests from among the Twitter writing community. Everyone listed is open to DM inquires for anyone interested in learning more about a specific skill, trade, or interest. Please keep this writing related. Some Twitter users require you to follow them before sending a DM, so please do so and be patient for them to return the follow.

Again, while making use of this resource, please be honoring and respectful. Do not DM them unless you are genuinely curious regarding your writing process.

Writing from an honest perspective is SO important. I’m grateful to each contributor. If you’d like to offer your expertise, just shoot me a DM with your specific interests/skills and I’ll gladly add you.

Now, happy learning to all of you ambitious writers!

Twitter Handle Expertise
@AuthorEdenCHorses, Natural Childbirth, Large Family Dynamic, Autoimmune Disorder, Dieting, Cooking
@GeoffreyDWestBuilding, DIY Repairs 
@4featherstoryPregnancy and Parenting, Vegan/Veg/Raw Diet, Food Allergies, Blended Families, Permaculture, Homebirth, Breastfeeding, Dance, Preschool, Theater/Acting/Modeling, The South, California, Running a Restaurant, the Wilderness, Cults, Abuse.
@DEFulfordTattoos, Motorcycling, Shoes, Working 100 jobs and going to school at once, Being a Lifelong Student, Living and Working in a Camper, Traveling the US.
@jamingeorge04Legal Industry: including Client Intake, Preparation for Trial, and Duties of a Paralegal 
@SajnaAbdul Meditation, Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Diet, Parenting an Autistic Child, Mental Health, Lifting Weights.
@j_vander_meulenChristian Theology, NHL Hockey, and Canada.
@Dovetale5Special Needs Pediatric Physical Therapy
@bri_downingBehavior Analyst, ABA (applied behavior analysis), Science of Behavior.

SFF genres, Knitting, Living Frugally, Spontaneous Pneumothorax Information.
@kfoxx_writesPregnancy, Natural Childbirth, Breastfeeding, Baby wearing, Homebirth, Unassisted Birth. 
@realaftonnelsonVintage Jello Salads, Wildflower Seeds (collecting, growing, selling), Portland, Oregon, Dragon Boat Racing, and Hyperemesis Gravidarum.
@jessikamittensPersonal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist 

Pregnancy, Babies/Toddlers, Anxiety, Curly Hair, Amateur Photography, Social Work with Older Adults, Dog Ownership.
@emmamakarovaFrance, Speaking French, Russian Culture, Mountains and Hiking, Archaeology and Teaching English.
@kidlit_writerWater Quality, Wetlands, Dolphin Training, and Ballet.

Teaching, English Lit, Indian food, and living in Tokyo (particularly as an expat/PoC)
@authorjesspayneBeing a Nurse, Working in the Medical Field, Anything Neonatal, Running Marathons and Other Long Distance Events, Martial Arts.

English Private Schools, Sperm Donors and Sperm Donor Recipients

Greek mythology (especially the Underworld)
@PeterTalley14 Speech Team Coaching, Newspaper Advertising, Hospital Emergency Management, Loss Prevention Investigator, Funeral Homes

Camping, Horses, Hunting, Archery, Survival
@AskJanTeacher, English Language, Psychology, Learning Disabilities 

Higher Education (student life), Church Work, Sewing, Costume Construction, Knitting, Theater Knowledge
@BayneJosephineItaly, Italian Culture, Italian Translating
@lattesandlists Coffee Roasting, Kayaking 
@Scenic_RouteDating and Relationships 
@CathyTRicardo Classical Music, Irish Dance, Autoimmune Disease 
@fnvaughnAll Things Army-related 
@dougiammHiking, Insurance, Aging, Math 
@LukefahrLady  Ozarks of Missouri, Small Towns, Archaeology, Mastodons and Mammoths, Pre-history, Christianity, The BibleTeaching from 1970-90s.
@DElizabethAyer1 Theater, Teaching English, Music, Cats, Exercise, Dieting, Cooking
@WF_writerEM Mental Health Expert

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