Bubblegum Pink

Bubblegum pink is all I see —

like a movie before me —

But flat and unmoving

Except if I stare 

then little particles dance

 in my field of vision 

and keep me company

I’m never alone

But sometimes I’m safe

and sometimes I’m not

and always there is nothing I can do

but think about pink 

I remember choosing the color

and my mom commented that it

was brighter in person

Much too stimulating 

for a bedroom meant for sleeping

I wish I could claw the color from the wall

Pick at it with my tiny nails and 

make it blue

Or green

Pick anything

but bubblegum pink 

Maybe in another room, another bed

I’d be a perfectly normal child 

At least that’s what I believed

when I blinked

and my fuzzy friends — the floaters in my eyes —


and I had to face the reality

that some little girls have rosy pink rooms




and at least a hundred other shades

But me,

and the swatch I chose:

Thick in the tray of the paint store

because no one wants it 

Except for those that do

Because it’s free

And easy

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