#vss365 archive

#vss365 stands for Very Short Story. It is a challenge that happens on Twitter. I love a good challenge, so I follow the prompt and wait for inspiration to hit. This is the archive.

Dig Deep, Prompt: archaeological

Might dabble in Archaeology,

Find out why you left me, 

Dig through the remains,

Sift through the claims,

And maybe find something

I can bring back to life.

Shake off the dust,

Carbon copy what once was,

If there’s evidence,

Of love.

It’s Over, Prompt: multifarious

“Where are you going?” she said, tracing his steps.

“That doesn’t concern you anymore.”

She chewed her lip, emotion swelling. “Why?”

“It’s multifarious, my Darling. You know as well as I.”

“But, I tried,” she said as a last resort.

“We both did.”

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